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RE: [wtp-dev] Unnecessary plugin dependency in

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Hi Craig,
Thanks, I've added this bugzilla
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Thanks Dave,

I'll look into this.  Can you open a bugzilla bug to track this issue?



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"Dave Carlson" <dcarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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04/21/2005 08:17 PM

Please respond to
"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues."

"'General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues.'" <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[wtp-dev] Unnecessary plugin dependency in

I wanted to evaluate use of in an RCP
application, but saw a dependency on org.eclipse.ui.ide.  So I deleted this
entry in the plugin.xml to see what broke... Nothing!  So it appears that you
can/should remove this dependency from the plugin.

 Dave Carlson

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