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[wtp-dev] Suggest testing with performance test flag "on"

As teams do "top to bottom" tests this week in preparation for our WTP M4,
I have a suggestion that can help the
base Eclipse team collect performance data (and in turn, help them help us :)

With a fresh install of M6, there's a default .options file that begins as below.

          # Options for all performance debug flags in the platform
          # Captures performance event information (See org.eclipse.core.runtime.PerformanceStats)

Assuming this default options file, all you need to do is run eclipse with the -debug option on the command line.

This will then collect a file full of things that appear to be taking longer than usual
(builds, view refreshes, opening (some) editors, etc.)

This file is kept in the .metadata directory of your workspace you are working with.
(You might want to start with a fresh copy every now and then ... it doesn't take long
for them to get pretty big, depending on what you are doing).

Then attach that file to
with some description of your machine's speed, what you were doing (e.g. "webtools,
creating EJB sample" ... or similar.

I believe the base team is still evaluating this "instrumented" technology, to see
if its helpful in narrowing down broad areas to investigate for improvements, but
suspect this may be one of the first opportunities to collect the data with a substantial
extension to the base platform.

Note: I'm saying all this as a kind of low priority thing, and mention it only because
its the kind of thing that should just take you an extra 10 or 15 minutes to do ...
I'm NOT asking you diagnose, fix, or instrument any of our own code (yet :)
The purpose is just to see if running "webtools" shows a much different pattern than running
just "eclipse".

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