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[ui-best-practices-working-group] UX Hack Week

On 15 Sep 2016, at 18:59, Stefan Xenos <sxenos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The hard part isn't replacing modal dialogs with nonmodal ones. The hard part is replacing the dialogs themselves with something better (for example, notifications + edilogs). If we were to do a hack week, I'd suggest focusing on that.

That was my thought too. I'm in. :)

Doug, I'd prefer the everyone in same room option - just because that allows for much better focus. Remote would be an option for some attendees, and follow up work. But I think this would also involve lots of brainstorming on paper/whiteboards, which is extremely hard remotely. 

I believe that I will be able to make myself available a full week for that. Just timing/travel is a sensitive topic. I'm unable to travel almost all of Oct./Nov due to personal reasons. EclipseCon Europe is an exemption, though. :) If we were to do it in December, will there be a realistic chance to get stuff into Oxygen? I think it must be a goal of that week to make an impact on Eclipse.


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