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[ui-best-practices-working-group] Make a bad practice as it block all UI ?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a decent solution to . I'd like to discuss the cause of this issue, and most likely of some other similar issues - or workarounds such as requiring to hit "Enter", reducing "fluidity" of the interface- in Eclipse IDE: blocks the whole UI when processing a long operation. However, in most cases, some interaction is still possible and relevant with some parts of the wizard. I believe if we want to encourage writing better workflows, we need Plugin Developers to consider exactly which interactions they need to block when running an operation rather than greedily making nothing possible and blocking user.

Should I report it in some bugzilla? Against which component? Platform UI/UI Guidelines?
It would be great IMO if this working group could for example include in the UI Guidelines something about blocking user as least as possible during async operations, and maybe to make a review of the most strategic wizards to evaluate whether and how they could take advantage of a non-blocking UI (removing need for hitting Enter or doing a FocusOut to start a long running operation, allow advanced settings while operation is computing, more precise feedback to user by blocking only relevant widgets...)


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