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Re: [tycho-user] can tycho be configured that the target that is configured in the pom is always used above the local repo?

i think tycho can easily help me 
by everything that you guys are telling me it should do under the hood for me
by just a simple configuration per parent pom

We have just a lot of dependencies that are not meant to be in 1 git repo.. there is no way around it
SVN had those big monolithic things, Git tells us not todo that and i agree

I think i will just fork tycho and make a patch on top of it to see if i can get it to work the way i want

You are all talking about making p2 sites i kind of want to do that by tycho should do that automatically for me under the hood

Problem with all the different solutions i here now is that the have a lot of configuration outside of the pom files..
(i just don't want that)
and/or they depend on paths on the filesystems outside of the git repo (i don't want that)
or they use copy artifacts from jenkins (but then how should that work locally) (so i don't want that either)


On Thu, 23 Apr 2020 at 15:03, Christoph Läubrich <laeubi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > i know, but i do need it if i want to build first 1 git repo (that has
 > not a p2 by itself, just plugins)

Can't you contribute such an artifact to te projects missing an updatesite?

 > i like to build everything in dependently
Well but as you described your builds are not independent, that is the
root-of-the-problem here.

 From my point of view tychos option 'localArtifacts=ignore' should
becoem the new default in Tycho 2.0 as the current default is really
bad. Relying on localy build artifacts (from whatever reason), treatens
the stability of the build and could lead to various obsuce errors

 > Also if you do that with jenkins that would mean that locally the
 > build would be again totally different

It all depends... if you mean by "build" starting Eclipse and run from
there the build is always different from a mvn commandline call. If you
use commandline you can build as if are on the Jenkins.

 > So many git repo's don't really have a p2 site as output,
 > but just a jar.. (plugin)
You can even build a p2 update-site from plain jars, see [1] for an example.

In summary, I think there is nothing Tycho can do OOTB for such a
scattered build. As mentioned before I have managed this in my last
company by using a combination of multi-checkout Jenkins file (that
supports branching of single repositories) together with a specific
maven settings and a combined update-site for development from eclipse.
That worked quite well, but also has its drawbacks (e.g. the deplay
between check-in and propagation to the update-site to other developers).

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