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[tycho-user] can tycho be configured that the target that is configured in the pom is always used above the local repo?


i have many git repo's that will become our full product in the end.
But 2 of them are external forked git repo's that is part of our product but most of our developers don't have those really checked out of build
Those 2 are in a p2 repo, and are in the target  (based on a p2 repository or with tycho pointing to a target definition)

But now i have 2 branches, (release and master)
master does already have a new build of those 2 and i builded those locally and pushed them to a new p2 site.

Now i want to do a rebuild of release where i still just point to the p2 site of the older versions of that product
But tycho just insists of getting the new once from my local repo.
I don't want that, tycho should always just follow the target or p2 pom repos first

Of course if those are not there (from our other git repo's that are really our sources) those should be get locally because those are not in the target..

Currently i think the order is always local repo first, then the target i want that in reverse, is that possible?

If that is not possible then that would mean making filters for a huge number of plugins (those 2 plugins have 23 plugins...
Thats really a painfully and very hard to maintain.

Johan Compagner

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