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[tycho-user] jars.extra.classpath problem with plugin patch fragments and Tycho > 1.2

Hi all,

I need to upgrade our build to at least Tycho 1.4 for Java 11 compilation compatibility, however moving beyond 1.2 breaks our build.

We have patch fragments (draw2d, GEF 3 in this case) which include changes to the visibility of some methods and additional new methods.

However our consumer of these plugins & fragments no longer compiles with Tycho 1.3 or higher:

> [ERROR] The method getTargetEditPart() from the type TargetingTool is not visible

From 1.3+ Tycho appears to be using the class definitions in the original host plugin, not those in the patch fragments, which we’ve directed it to compile with in the consumer:

> jars.extra.classpath = platform:/plugin/org.eclipse.draw2d.patch,\

Is this a known issue (can’t find it in Bugzilla..), or some incantation that Google hasn’t yet revealed to me :)  or maybe there’s a newer preferred way?

Best regards,

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