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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho + Maven Support

Hi Mauro,

There might be some transitive dependencies missing which you need to add to the test plugins MANIFEST.MF

Depending on what you have configured in your launch configuration, running it from the IDE uses all plugins from your workspace and from the target platform. 
When running tests with Tycho, it uses only those Plug-ins which are configured as dependencies in the MANIFEST.MF.

If you want to run the tests using the IDE the same way Tycho does it, you could change your launch configuration:
_Open your "JUnit Plug-in Test" launch configuration
_Choose the "Plug-ins" Tab and change the "Launch with:" drop-down to plug-ins selected below. This will show all your plugins and you can select the ones you want to start during the test
_Deselect all Plugins from the Workspace and the Target Platform
_Select your test plugin. 
_Choose "Add Required Plug-ins"

Now you have a launch configuration that only uses the Plugins that are specified as dependencies by the test plugin. Running the tests with that settings should produce the same error than a Tycho build does.


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My name is Mauro Giamberardino and I'm a Java developer on Technisys Argentina. We are looking for some support with Tycho and Maven. 
We have a Eclipse RCP project with a lot of plugins. Each one of those plugins have a responsability. 
We need to test a part of the application, and we need to use some of those plugins to test. We builded a new project, a plugin project, to test the application. We had included the needed plugins and when we run the tests from IDE it works perfectly but when we do it through maven fails not finding the dependencies.
Maybe we are making some wrong configuration.


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