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Re: [tycho-user] Rootfiles and OSX

The MacOS directory contains the executable "eclipse" but all of the other Eclipse-specific things are stored in the Contents/Eclipse folder. It would seem like a bug that the platform instance location is returning the MacOS folder, but there may be a bug by which it assumes that the platform instance location is relative to the eclipse executable itself. It would be worth looking at the launcher(s) to see if there is special case that determines where this lies on OSX and to see if that's something that your product needs to replicate. 

If there is a bug, it's that the platform instance location isn't being correctly calculated on OSX rather than anything else. 


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On 11 May 2016, at 12:36, Felix B <felix.barnsteiner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have some trouble with the root property in in combination with OSX builds. For example, when following this demo application:, the root files are placed inside org.eclipse.tycho-demo/itp04-rcp/eclipse-repository/target/products/ I think this is the wrong directory and should be instead.

Accessing org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.getInstanceLocation() returns and thus fails when trying to load files from this Location. Also, want to use the root files feature to add an agent jar which I can reference relatively like so: -javaagent:byte-buddy-agent-1.3.19.jar. This only works when the jar is placed inside the MacOS folder.

Is there any way to modify the default OSX rootfile location from Eclipse to MacOS? May this be a bug in Tycho itself?

Thank you,


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