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[tycho-user] Rootfiles and OSX

I have some trouble with the root property in in combination with OSX builds. For example, when following this demo application:, the root files are placed inside org.eclipse.tycho-demo/itp04-rcp/eclipse-repository/target/products/ I think this is the wrong directory and should be instead.

Accessing org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.getInstanceLocation() returns and thus fails when trying to load files from this Location. Also, want to use the root files feature to add an agent jar which I can reference relatively like so: -javaagent:byte-buddy-agent-1.3.19.jar. This only works when the jar is placed inside the MacOS folder.

Is there any way to modify the default OSX rootfile location from Eclipse to MacOS? May this be a bug in Tycho itself?

Thank you,


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