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Re: [tycho-user] What eclipse target platform feature includes the eclipse plugin?

= = = = = = =  This first part may be off topic? = = = = = =
> So I should have all of the required bundles in the target platform.

"in the target" is key. I am not sure if you are still having problems, or not.
But "the target" only applies its functionality when you
do a "run as ... Eclipse application" or what ever it is you are running.
It would not "show up" as function in your running dev. environment,
For that, look at Help --> InstallationDetails.

FWIW, in my installation (of current IDE) I have the following bundles that I think are relevant to you:
- 3 'gogo' bundles: runtime, command, and shell
- 2 'console' bundles: o.e.equinox.console, o.e.ui.console
- (and also a third o.e.equinox.p2.console -- not sure what that's for -- may or may not be important to you? I *think* just adds p2 commands to the equinox console.)
= = = = = = =

But to answer what you actually asked (I think):

-console on command line gives you a separate "shell-like" window.
-consolelog on command line will too.
The difference is when you use "-console"
if you press 'enter' you will see an "osgi>" prompt.
For '-consolelog', pressing enter just gives you a blank line.

In the IDE, If you select "Host OSGi Console" it gives you something similar
to "-console" on command line but as a "console view" in the IDE. It will start off saying

WARNING: This console is connected to the current running instance of Eclipse!

That is, do not type 'exit' there! :)
In both cases, if you type 'help' you will see the commands available -- if you have any commands available?

The 'console' view you mentioned is just a generic plan console that will echo 'sysout' (usually?) when you "run" something in IDE.

Lots more technical detail (much more than you need to know :) at
(And, probably elsewhere in 'help')


From:        Steinar Bang <sb@xxxxxx>
To:        tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:        01/17/2016 11:02 AM
Subject:        Re: [tycho-user] What eclipse target platform feature includes the        eclipse plugin?
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>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@xxxxxx>:
>>>>> Timothy Vogel <tvogel@xxxxxxx>:
>> Steinar, In my target I have the feature Eclipse RCP 4.4.  This
>> includes the bundle org.eclipse.equinox.console as well as the
>> org.apache.felix.gogo.* bundles.  To enable the console in my
>> application, I add -console to the startup.  For windows "D:\Program
>> Files (x86)\RCP\eclipse.exe" -console

> Hm... my kepler-based target platform already includes the

This StackOverflow answer
says that the bundles needed, are:

When I look at the bundles in the target platform:
- Window->Preferences...
- In "Prefernces"
 - Open Plug-in Development->Target Platform
 - Select " (Active)", and click on "Edit..."
 - Checkmark the checkbox "Show location content"
I find the following bundles:
org.eclipse.equinox.console (1.0.100v20130429-0953)
org.apache.felix.gogo.runtime (0.10.0v201209301036) (0.10.0v201212101695)

So I should have all of the required bundles in the target platform.

> I have tried adding the -console flag to the end of the argument list of
> the run configuration, but that didn't help me to get "OSGi Console" as
> an alternative in the console view of the eclipse instance with the
> plugin.

The stackoverflow answer above, says that "-console" is sufficient to
start the OSGi console, and that -consoleLog and -debug may also be

Where should the console be? When I click on the "Open console"
toolbutton in the console view, I get a dropdown containing:
Java Stack Trace Console
New Console View

When I started with the eclipse installation's own target platform as
the target platform, I saw "Host OSGi Console" as one of the available
selections in the dropdown.

Is this where the OSGi console should have been? Or is it supposed to be
a separate window?


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