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Re: [tycho-user] What eclipse target platform feature includes the eclipse plugin?

>>>>> Timothy Vogel <tvogel@xxxxxxx>:

> Steinar, In my target I have the feature Eclipse RCP 4.4.  This
> includes the bundle org.eclipse.equinox.console as well as the
> org.apache.felix.gogo.* bundles.  To enable the console in my
> application, I add -console to the startup.  For windows "D:\Program
> Files (x86)\RCP\eclipse.exe" -console

Hm... my kepler-based target platform already includes the

I have tried adding the -console flag to the end of the argument list of
the run configuration, but that didn't help me to get "OSGi Console" as
an alternative in the console view of the eclipse instance with the

> This opens a command prompt when the application starts with an osgi>
> prompt.

Ok, I was aiming for an OSGi console as a possibility in the console
view, but whatever will let me get a gogo shell om the eclipse instance
executing with my plugin(s), is fine by me.

Does this mean that you used an "eclipse application" run configuration?
Or did you use something else? E.g. "OSGi Framework"?


- Steinar

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