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Re: [tycho-user] How to build plugin-based products with platform-specific fragments?

Am 21.03.2013 08:01, schrieb Kai Zimmermann:
Am 20.03.2013 um 21:42 schrieb Christian Schulz <christian.schulz@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Am 20.03.2013 19:18, schrieb Kai Zimmermann:
2013/3/20 Christian Schulz <christian.schulz@xxxxxxxxxx>
But I don't understand why the system can't use the environment configurations.
In my opinion it would be a great update.

I think, at the moment, we have to sync our plugin fragments and the target environment manually. If tycho could do that, that would be awesome.

Because the developer no longer need to check for which plugins there are any  platform specific fragments.

Yes of course it would be great to have something like that.
I would suggest it as feature request.

What is the opinion about that?

But there are some problems like: when nobody references fragments, nobody specifies a version number. That is not an good option for productive environments. 

I understand what you mean, but why you can't determine the fragments based on the required plug-ins?
For swt I always need <plugin id="org.eclipse.swt"/>. There you can give a version number, if you need.
Based on that version number and the target environments configured in the pom.xml you can determine
which fragments are needed.

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