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Re: [tycho-user] How to build plugin-based products with platform-specific fragments?

Hello Justin,

thanks for the explaination.
In my case the SWT fragments are missing.

The plugin based way was easy with including all plugins and relation to the os/ws. But it isn't the recommened way. So I switched to the feature based product, because it should handle all on it own with a valid environment configuration in the pom.xml.
I have following configuration for the environments:


I thought it is enough to define something like that and tycho will use the
fragments, whcih are needed by the environment.
But it seems not to work.

In general I got some problems with the feature based product.
I got after successful build following exception:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Application "org.eclipse.ui.ide.workbench" could not be found in the registry

I had to include as dependency org.eclipse.ui.ide.application. I don't know why, but it works after it.

Perhaps I have something wrong in the tycho configuration or similar.



Am 20.03.2013 15:30, schrieb Justin Georgeson:
We have feature-based products with lots of native code to compile into fragments. Our aggregator has profiles like linux-repo and win-repo and the reactor includes all the plugins (host plugins, fragment plugins, test plugins) and a special platform-specific projects for a feature and a repository. These platform builds only enable the tycho-platform-configuration environment that they're building. So at the end of this reactor each platform build machine has a P2 repo of the native fragments. We copy the windows fragment p2 repo to the linux machine, then build a profile that includes those platform-fragment p2 repos and the reactor has our shippable features and products. And this feature/product reactor has all tycho-platform-configuration environments enabled.

It means we're duplicating the compilation of the Java code on each platform but I couldn't see an easy way to avoid that.

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now I have switched to a feature based product, but now I am facing the same problem.
The platform-specific fragments are missing.

I had setted up the environments like described in my previous mail.
What is going wrong?


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