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Re: [tycho-user] tycho 0.17.0 re-staged

I was able to successfully build CBI Platform master branch with the staged 0.17.0.


On 20/03/13 10:54 AM, Sievers, Jan wrote:
Tycho milestone release 0.17.0 has been re-staged.
In comparison to the previous staged version, two more bugs [1,2] discovered after staging have been fixed.

For more details about other changes in 0.17.0, see the release notes [3].

To use it, change your tycho version to 0.17.0 and add snippet [4] to your pom.
If you used the previous stage, delete ~/.m2/repository/org/eclipse/tycho/ and make sure you use the new staging URL [4].

We plan to promote this release on Friday.

Tycho team



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