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Re: [tycho-user] How to build plugin-based products with platform-specific fragments?

Christian Schulz wrote
> I understand what you mean, but why you can't determine the fragments
> based on the required plug-ins?
> For swt I always need <plugin id="org.eclipse.swt"/>. There you can give a
> version number, if you need.
> Based on that version number and the target environments configured in the
> pom.xml you can determine
> which fragments are needed.

Then Tycho would need a hard-coded map of environments (and possibly SWT versions) to SWT fragments, and maintain that list. This is just wrong.

The problem needs to be fixed on the SWT side. I had opened a bug for this [1] but it was blocked while there was nobody on the SWT project with enough knowledge of the build system to apply the patch. Maybe this has changed now that the Eclipse platform build has migrated to Tycho...



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