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[tycho-user] Plug-in tests

Using Tycho 0.16.
Does Tycho automatically run surefire on any projects that use the eclipse-test-plugin packaging type? It appears so, as I have just added the plugin-test projects to my new Tycho build and I'm getting surefire test failures without having added any configuration at all for surefire.
Related question: our product has numerous different plugin-test projects. Does Tycho require that I configure the pom of each of them if I need to, for example, specify special VM parameters? Or is there some way to configure all tests in one place without duplicating that in many poms?

On a more general note, I'm looking for a comprehensive example or guide for running JUnit tests for an RCP product build. The examples I've seen so far don't account for the fact that a product has special context that needs to be satisfied for the tests to run. For example, some of our tests require that Equinox DS plugin be auto-started with a start level to make sure declared services are available before the test is executed. There are other requirements for our product, which is why we have a detailed launch configuration for executing the tests from within the IDE. I guess what I need is some help converting that launch configuration (and the custom TestSuite it uses to collect tests) into an appropriate Tycho configuration.

Thanks in advance,

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