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[tycho-user] Compilation error during install


I am transitioning from building Eclipse product using Buckminster to
Tycho and have some questions.

I mavenizied my plugins and features and was able to execute install
goal and can see my plugins in ~/.m2/repository. However, once I
execute install goal again I got the following error:

ERROR] Failed to execute goal
(default-compile) on project com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.common:
Compilation failure: Compilation failure:
[ERROR] /home/akravets/dev/workspaces/trunk/com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.common/src/com/iwaysoftware/eclipse/common/util/[13,0]
[ERROR] public boolean visit(IResourceDelta delta) throws CoreException {
[ERROR] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[ERROR] The method visit(IResourceDelta) of type NamespaceUpdater must
override a superclass method
[ERROR] /home/akravets/dev/workspaces/trunk/com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.common/src/com/iwaysoftware/eclipse/common/model/[317,0]
[ERROR] public int getChildIndex(ITreeNode child) {
[ERROR] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[ERROR] The method getChildIndex(ITreeNode) of type BaseTreeNode must
override a superclass method

I found this strange because in Eclipse workspace I don't see these
errors. So why is it failing during install?

In Buckminster there is a notion of CQUERY and RMAP where you would
specify your top feature, which in turn has dependencies on other
features and plugins. During materialization phase specifying top
feature was enough for discovery of dependencies and transitive
dependencies to occur. In Maven, I find that I need to specify all
features and plugins as modules in parent POM. Is this the correct way
of doing dependency references or am I doing something wrong?

How does resolution phase happens in Jenkins for example using Maven?
Do I need to checkout all features and plugins, specify parent POM and
that's it? Is there way to create some sort of aggregator that
specifies exactly what and where (branches, trunk, tags) something
needs to come from?


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