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Re: [tycho-user] Plug-in tests

On 12/06/2012 11:16 PM, Rizzo, Eric wrote:
Does Tycho automatically run surefire on any projects that use the eclipse-test-plugin packaging type? It appears so, as I have just added the plugin-test projects to my new Tycho build and I'm getting surefire test failures without having added any configuration at all for surefire.
Yes, it does automatically run tycho-surefire-plugin on eclipse-test-plugin
Related question: our product has numerous different plugin-test projects. Does Tycho require that I configure the pom of each of them if I need to, for example, specify special VM parameters? Or is there some way to configure all tests in one place without duplicating that in many poms?
It depends on the attribute you want to override. Some can be configured simply by setting a value of a property (that is used later by tycho-surefire-plugin), some other need to be set in the tycho-surefire-plugin <configuration/>
System properties don't have a matching Maven property (see has no "_expression_"), si you'll need to define the tycho-surefire-plugin <configuration/> tag.
I advise you put this configuration in the parent pom of your tests, and use a property such as ${tycho.surefire.systemProperties} to set the value in the <configuration/>. You can set it to a default value in this definition, and children pom can override. This will affect tycho-surefire-plugin without so many lines of configuration.

On a more general note, I'm looking for a comprehensive example or guide for running JUnit tests for an RCP product build. The examples I've seen so far don't account for the fact that a product has special context that needs to be satisfied for the tests to run. For example, some of our tests require that Equinox DS plugin be auto-started with a start level to make sure declared services are available before the test is executed. There are other requirements for our product, which is why we have a detailed launch configuration for executing the tests from within the IDE. I guess what I need is some help converting that launch configuration (and the custom TestSuite it uses to collect tests) into an appropriate Tycho configuration.
Tycho currenly allows testing at test-plugin level. There is an issue open to request execution of tests with Tycho on a fully-provisionned RCP application: .
If it comes to orchestrating your tests on an RCP app, I think the best way to achieve it so far is to use the legacy mechanism to run tests headless (ie install your tests into your product and then run the uitestapplication).
Here is an example of how to achieve this in the context of SWTBot

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