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[tycho-user] Unable to satisfy dependency error


During install I get the following error:

Unable to satisfy dependency from org.eclipse.jdt.core
3.7.0.v_OTDT_r200_201106070730 to [2.0.0,3.0.0).",
"Unable to satisfy dependency from org.eclipse.jdt.core
3.7.1.v_OTDT_r201_201109101025 to [2.0.0,3.0.0).",
"Unable to satisfy dependency from org.eclipse.jdt.core
3.7.3.v_OTDT_r202_201202051448 to [2.0.0,3.0.0).",
"No solution found because the problem is unsatisfiable."]

I read different threads about this error, and tried suggested
approaches, but still error occurs. I tried adding requirements for
dependency resolution:


but that didn't seem to do anything. In my target definition I see
that o.e.jdt.core is not org.eclipse.jdt.core
3.7.0.v_OTDT_r200_201106070730, so I am not sure why this version is
being considered. Unless I am failing to use binding of target
definition between target pom and parent pom correctly.

Can anyone suggest what is the solution for this error?

The are my parent pom: and target
definition pom:


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