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Re: [tycho-dev] 0.14.0 planning

Yes, I agree, lets try to release 0.14 soon after Juno M5 is declared. I
am not sure we should decide on very specific date, though. Is there a
particular reason you want to release 0.14 on Feb 13?

I am not ready to talk about 0.15 yet and, quite frankly, I am not a big
fan of random release dates. I think it makes more sense to decide the
date once we have at least rough idea what features and bugfixes will go
into 0.15, or at least have a long-enough list of completed work items,
like we do for 0.14 now.

"Release" at eclipse is rather involved term [3], and I would like to
avoid it altogether. Lets call 0.14 a "stable milestone build" or
something like that, tag it in the git repository, deploy to maven
central from one of our systems and move on.



On 11-12-21 7:00 AM, Sievers, Jan wrote:
With 3 months passed since 0.13.0 and users repeatedly asking for a release,
I think it's time to schedule the next release.


Stage tycho 0.14.0 as soon as Juno M5 is available.
According to the eclipse release plan [1] this would mean we stage on Feb 6, 2012 and release on Feb 13.

This is fixed time/variable scope, i.e. whatever is in until the release date will be in.
To get used to more frequent releases, I also propose to schedule tycho 0.15.0 in parallel with Juno M6 (and just before EclipseCon).

I know the technical details of releasing [2] will need to be sorted out until then but here I just want us to agree on a plan.



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