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[tycho-dev] Vote on making Jan Sievers Co-Lead of Tycho

Tycho committers -

I would like to nominate Jan Sievers as additional project lead for the Tycho project.

Jan has a very strong record of valuable contributions to the project. His first contributions go back as far as January 2010, and he has been an active contributor ever since. Jan has been a committer on the Tycho project since May 2010.

Jan has shown a clear commitment for the Tycho project at Eclipse. In particular, he has filed most of the contribution questionnaires (CQs) necessary for moving the project to the Eclipse Foundation. He fosters the Tycho community by answering questions on the mailing list and reviewing patches, and strives for a maximum benefit for all Tycho users through contribution bug fixes and pushing for regular release.

Finally, Jan has proven to be a good mediator in case of conflicts between committers on the Tycho project.

According to the Eclipse Development Process [1], additional project leads must be elected by the project's committers. I haven't found any formal process support, so I suppose we can just vote here on the mailing list.

So from me: +1 for making Jan co-lead

Best regards


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