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Re: [tycho-dev] Changing tycho-p2-resolver directory structure

Sorry, I kept mixing target file and target definition. Here is what I wanted to say:

Currently, there is no benefit from the target file because we decided to update both p2 and org.eclipse.osgi to M1. (Without that decision, we would have needed the target file, which is why I originally added it.)

Once we can build Tycho with Tycho 0.13.0, we can use the target file to set up an immutable target platform and hence drop the version numbers in the tycho-p2-runtime product. This will save (at least me) quite a bit of work (because the last time I couldn't get the version-bump-plugin to work).


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> To make sure I understand, you decided to take on double-maintenance of
> tycho p2 runtime dependencies just "to shorten the paths"? Or there are
> other advantages of using .target file to define target platform of
> tycho-bundles subtree?
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