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Re: [tycho-dev] Changing tycho-p2-resolver directory structure

tycho-p2-resolver-impl was introduced to solve TYCHO-516. The idea was
to split API and implementation builds such that API bundles used by
Maven plugins do not have P2 repositories mentioned in their pom.xml
files. I don't mind moving files around, as long as this problem does
not resurface.


On 11-08-22 10:47 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
As proposed during the last meeting here at SAP, I would like to change
the structure of the bundles under “tycho-p2-resolver”:

  * Rename the folder “tycho-p2-resolver” to “tycho-bundles”, because
    the folder contains all Tycho-provided bundles of Tycho’s embedded
    OSGi runtime.
  * Drop the “tycho-p2-resolver-impl” folder in order to shorten the paths.

In order to ease the re-import of the affected project into the Eclipse
workspace, I will also change the project aggregation, so that
everything is aggregated from the root POM.
Any objections/comments? If not, I’ll do this change within the next two

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