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Re: [tycho-dev] First org.eclipse.tycho version


"Oberlies, Tobias" <tobias.oberlies@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Just to make sure that we don't have a misunderstanding here: You want
>to version the org.eclipse.tycho release that we are going to do after
>the reneame (i.e. this or next week) as version 0.12.0, and then start
>development of 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT. Correct?
>On 06 April 2011 15:10, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>> I think we should promote the first org.eclipse.tycho release and
>> encourage everybody to switch to it. I don't expect everyone to
>> overnight, but having two functionally identical releases will make
>> switch easier to afford for many users. My primary goal here is to
>> (hopefully large) existing org.eclipse.tycho userbase that will help
>> test new features and bugfixes after the first org.eclipse.tycho
>I agree that we should make the switch as easy as possible. The most
>important measure to achieve this is the release with identical
>functionality. We all agree on this. 
>It is not really that important how we version the org.eclipse.tycho
>release with org.sonatype.tycho 0.11 functionality. I just think that
>it is easier to explain that they have the same functionality if they
>have the same version number. On the other hand, they are not
>identical, e.g. users won't be able to mix org.sonatype.tycho and
>org.eclipse.tycho in the same build.
>In summary, I have a small preference for org.eclipse.tycho 0.11.0, so
>+0 from me for 0.11.0
>@Igor: Are you +0 or +1 for 0.12.0?
>@Jan: Could you break the tie?
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Igor
>> On 11-04-06 04:58 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
>> > Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>> >> Btw, I change my mind about renamed 0.11 version ;-) I think the
>> >> renamed version should be 0.12.0 to avoid confusion. I still this
>> >> renamed version should not have any other changes compared to
>> >> 0.11.
>> >
>> > This really depends on what we plan to do with the first
>> > org.eclipse.tycho release. The way I see it, this will only be a
>> > technical release that we will not be promoting to our users. (Why
>> > would anyone want to change their build configuration if there is
>> > nothing new?) We just create it for troubleshooting purposes, e.g.
>> > that we can verify that there were in fact no functional
>> > changes/regressions during the big rename.
>> >
>> > Our users will eventually change from the org.sonatype.tycho 0.11
>> > release to the org.eclipse.tycho SNAPSHOT, which should be
>> > 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT. I find this more logical and hence less confusing.
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