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[tycho-dev] First org.eclipse.tycho version

Igor Fedorenko wrote:
> Btw, I change my mind about renamed 0.11 version ;-) I think the renamed
> version should be 0.12.0 to avoid confusion. I still this renamed
> version should not have any other changes compared to 0.11.

This really depends on what we plan to do with the first org.eclipse.tycho release. The way I see it, this will only be a technical release that we will not be promoting to our users. (Why would anyone want to change their build configuration if there is nothing new?) We just create it for troubleshooting purposes, e.g. so that we can verify that there were in fact no functional changes/regressions during the big rename.

Our users will eventually change from the org.sonatype.tycho 0.11 release to the org.eclipse.tycho SNAPSHOT, which should be 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT. I find this more logical and hence less confusing.

Having said this, we should ensure that we produce no more org.sonatype.tycho 0.12.0-SNAPSHOTs. Igor, could you disable the deployment in the CI build and remove org.sonatype.tycho 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT from the snapshot repository?

Best regards

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