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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Trace Compass seems to dispose of some ftrace events

Hi Geneviève,

Indeed ftrace support is still very experimental and not
complete. We only support(tested) events and function graph in
raw format, so the regex may ignore some other events, or they
may be parsed incorrectly.

well, I do not think, it is a parsing problem: When I have a trace that e.g. only contains a well-known amount of uprobe-events, all
of them are listed in Trace Compass.

When I have a trace that contains both - function_graph-entries
and entries resulting from uprobe-events, then these uprobe-events
somehow get lost.
in that case, that may be a bug on our part. Could you open a bug for
it (in Trace Compass, there is the Help -> Give feedback/report bug
button to open bugzilla)? If you can attach a small trace reproducing
the problem we could look into it.

OK, I created a ftrace-trace that reproduces the behaviour and I also
tried fo file a bug-report. However ftrace is not available as component
and I did not find a bugzilla-queue for the Trace Compass Incubator. So,
where is the best place to file this bug?

With best regards,
Dr. Fabian Scheler

Siemens AG
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Research and Development for Digitalization and Automation
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91058 Erlangen, Germany
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Mobile: +49 1522 1702973

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Cromme; Managing Board: Joe Kaeser, Chairman, President and Chief
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