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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Trace Compass seems to dispose of some ftrace events

Hi Fabian,

Indeed ftrace support is still very experimental and not complete. We only support(tested) events and function graph in raw format, so the regex may ignore some other events, or they may be parsed incorrectly.

We do not have any logs of the trace parsing unfortunately, but if you want to debug how a line is parsed, you could look at the GenericFtraceField class in the org.eclipse.tracecompass.incubator.ftrace.core plugin, the method parseLine(). For instance, it used not to decode the function_graph events correctly, just because the value was an hexadecimal string and it expected a decimal. So it was easily fixed.

Let us know if you find any bug or please send a patch upstream if you do fix it, it would be greatly appreciated!



On 2018-08-09 06:54 AM, Scheler, Fabian (CT RDA IOT SES-DE) wrote:
Hi Trace Compassers!

I just conducted some experiments with Trace Compass and ftrace and I noticed that Trace Compass seems to dispose off some of the "normal" ftrace events, when the trace contains function_graph-events, but not all of them.

I enabled some custom uprobe-events and I could verify these are part of the trace-output (I was able to find them e.g. via grep), but these events were not listed in Trace Compass.

How can I debug if the trace-parser dislikes some parts of the trace? Is it possible to get a log of the trace-parser or similar?


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