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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Trace Compass seems to dispose of some ftrace events

Hi Fabian,

On 2018-08-10 01:22 AM, Scheler, Fabian (CT RDA IOT SES-DE) wrote:
> Hi Geneviève,
>> Indeed ftrace support is still very experimental and not complete. We
>> only support(tested) events and function graph in raw format, so the
>> regex may ignore some other events, or they may be parsed incorrectly.
> well, I do not think, it is a parsing problem: When I have a trace
> that e.g. only contains a well-known amount of uprobe-events, all of
> them are listed in Trace Compass.
> When I have a trace that contains both - function_graph-entries and
> entries resulting from uprobe-events, then these uprobe-events somehow
> get lost.
in that case, that may be a bug on our part. Could you open a bug for it
(in Trace Compass, there is the Help -> Give feedback/report bug button
to open bugzilla)? If you can attach a small trace reproducing the
problem we could look into it.


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