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[tracecompass-dev] Promoting the Resources View to first view of Trace Compass LTTng Analysis

Hey all,

I'd like to discuss moving the resources view to the front of the LTTng perspective.

Historically the Control Flow View was there. Reasons: when we started developing Trace Compass, we had 1 core, maybe 2. Now we have over 16.

Also the resources view has been getting a lot of improvements and I think they should be highlighted.

1- there is a threads entry, so you can see which thread is running on which CPU.

2- The CPU status is now a tree with the contributing IRQ/SoftIRQs under it.

3- The CPU Frequency is a visible entry.

This actually makes two interesting points:

1- the Resources view has most of the data of the control flow view already available in it.

2- It shows data in a more intuitive way when zoomed out

3- It limits the data shown vertically by limiting us to a given resource. (CPU at the moment)

Because of this, and the fact that KernelShark displays data in a similar way already, I propose that we try making the Resources view the star when opening up a Trace Compass kernel trace.




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