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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Promoting the Resources View to first view of Trace Compass LTTng Analysis

I would agree to put the Resources view forward.

1- The first entries (those seen) of this view are more meaningful than the first entries of the Control Flow view that are often some swapper or system/sleeping processes.

2- Resources view has a rather small number of entries compared with control flow view, giving a better first glance of the trace.

To give a better idea, here are 2 screenshots of those views for full zoom for an experiment: Resources [1], Control Flow [2]



I would add that opening a trace at full range (until the user explicitly selects another range) instead of the first 100ms would also be a good idea.



On 2018-05-09 03:38 PM, Matthew Khouzam wrote:

Hey all,

I'd like to discuss moving the resources view to the front of the LTTng perspective.

Historically the Control Flow View was there. Reasons: when we started developing Trace Compass, we had 1 core, maybe 2. Now we have over 16.

Also the resources view has been getting a lot of improvements and I think they should be highlighted.

1- there is a threads entry, so you can see which thread is running on which CPU.

2- The CPU status is now a tree with the contributing IRQ/SoftIRQs under it.

3- The CPU Frequency is a visible entry.

This actually makes two interesting points:

1- the Resources view has most of the data of the control flow view already available in it.

2- It shows data in a more intuitive way when zoomed out

3- It limits the data shown vertically by limiting us to a given resource. (CPU at the moment)

Because of this, and the fact that KernelShark displays data in a similar way already, I propose that we try making the Resources view the star when opening up a Trace Compass kernel trace.




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