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[tracecompass-dev] Stable branches for the Incubator

Hello all,

As we have more and more features in the incubator and the master API
often changes, it gets harder to keep up with master and it also means
that the incubator is _only_ compatible with latest master, or sometimes
the master from the day before, which is not available anymore...

So I'm proposing here that from Trace Compass 4.0, we keep a branch of
the incubator that will remain compatible with the latest stable
release, to which we can submit commits if they do not require latest TC
master (but after being accepted in incubator master) at anytime. There
will be daily builds for stable and master branch. And when a new
release happens, we create a branch to that release's code and stop
supporting the last one.

An incubator project is not allowed to have releases, but it can have
builds and downloads, so I think this still follows the guidelines of an
Eclipse Incubator Project.

What do you think?



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