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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Fixes for simple warnings in Eclipse Problems view


thank you very much for your reply and for your feedback on the first
two changes I committed:

I hope that my questions are not too verbose.
I am still trying to find my way around.

>From my understanding of your feedback to both changes, these changes
are "blocked" until a later time, when the dependencies respectively the
API can be officially changed, which makes perfect sense to me.
However, I have two more questions about the general processes of how
you handle changes and feedback to them:

What would be the appropriate way to proceed with these open issues?
Should I leave them as they are in Gerrit right now or put them to

With respect to the discussion about these issues.
Is it OK to reply via the mailing-list or should I have replied to these
issues in Gerrit?

Thanks a lot again for the replies and BR,


On 15.08.2016 16:01, Bernd Hufmann wrote:
> On 08/13/2016 04:46 PM, Ruediger Gad wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just set up a Trace Compass build environment by following the, imho,
>> very good developer docs.
>> So far i did not do much, except setting up the Eclipse development
>> environment and running the unit tests on the latest code from git
> That's a good start.
>> However, I noticed a number of warnings reported in the Eclipse Problems
>> view that could, i think, be easily fixed
>> Do you accept patches for such rather trivial fixes?
> Yes, we will accept them.
>> If yes, what would be the appropriate way to do this?
> All code changes or additions will go through a review process using
> Gerrit. We'll provide comments and suggestions for each patch if needed
> and when they are addressed we will merge the patches to repository.
>> Simply proceed following the developer docs and just push a patch or
>> discuss this first, e.g., on the mailinglist?
> Yes, documentation found on the Trace Compass website should have all
> the information to get you started with providing patches through
> Gerrit. See reference [1] for a page on how to contribute to Trace Compass.
> For bugfixes and bigger contributions where some discussions on design
> and implementation are required then it's good to have a bug report on
> bugzilla for reference and clarification. For trivial fixes like
> warnings you don't need to write a bug report.
> The mailing list and IRC is a good way to contact the Trace Compass
> developers and community. Don't hesitate to use them.
> [1]
>> BR,
>> Ruediger
> BR
> Bernd
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