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[tracecompass-dev] New and Noteworthy August 2016


See below for the New & Noteworthy and ongoing work of the Trace Compass project for August 2016.

Best Regards

New and Noteworthy for August 2016 (for details see [1]):

  • Trace Compass 2.1/Neon.1 RC1 build
  • Added Call Graph analysis analyzing Call Stack data
    • New Flame Graph view visualizing aggregated call stacks to easily find code path that is executed most
    • New Function Duration Density view showing the distribution of function call duration
      Note: There is currently a memory limitation due to in-memory analysis.
  • LTTng Control view enhancements
    • Added support to configure tracing sessions to trace applications with Java loggers (JUL and Log4J) and Python loggers
    • Support of enabling of selected Kernel syscalls
  • Persistent events table columns settings per trace type so that after re-opening of traces of the same type the settings will be applied (e.g. hidden columns, columns size)
  • Trace Compass 2.0.1 maintenance release

Ongoing work:

  • Trace Compass 2.1 release preparation (incl. testing)
  • UI support for generating data-driven analysis
  • Filtering within latency views
  • Trace Compass UI responsiveness benchmarks
  • Adding of chart plug-ins for generating custom charts
  • Pin&Clone feature for Control Flow view


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