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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Fixes for simple warnings in Eclipse Problems view

On 08/13/2016 04:46 PM, Ruediger Gad wrote:

I just set up a Trace Compass build environment by following the, imho,
very good developer docs.
So far i did not do much, except setting up the Eclipse development
environment and running the unit tests on the latest code from git
That's a good start.
However, I noticed a number of warnings reported in the Eclipse Problems
view that could, i think, be easily fixed

Do you accept patches for such rather trivial fixes?
Yes, we will accept them.
If yes, what would be the appropriate way to do this?
All code changes or additions will go through a review process using Gerrit. We'll provide comments and suggestions for each patch if needed and when they are addressed we will merge the patches to repository.
Simply proceed following the developer docs and just push a patch or
discuss this first, e.g., on the mailinglist?
Yes, documentation found on the Trace Compass website should have all the information to get you started with providing patches through Gerrit. See reference [1] for a page on how to contribute to Trace Compass.

For bugfixes and bigger contributions where some discussions on design and implementation are required then it's good to have a bug report on bugzilla for reference and clarification. For trivial fixes like warnings you don't need to write a bug report.

The mailing list and IRC is a good way to contact the Trace Compass developers and community. Don't hesitate to use them.





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