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[tools-pmc] Re: Mylyn 2.1 did not have a Release Review


The problem here is my assumption that our 2.x releases would be covered by the Europa release review as are Platform’s 3.3.x releases, and that we would not require another release review until Mylyn 3.0.  It sounds like this reasoning was flawed due to the fact that Mylyn’s UI evolves in the 2.x releases, and that we need to have a release review for each of those?

Correct. The Platform 3.3.x are bugfixes and thus do not need reviews. Mylyn's 2.x are considered "major releases" and thus require reviews.

After that I’d like to figure out how exactly we fit into the current policy because having 4 release reviews a year will cause additional administrative overhead on the project that we didn’t factor in,

Hopefully a very low additional overhead? I think the two biggest issues will be: (i) remembering to schedule the reviews and (ii) updating the slides from your previous review to cover anything new (new committers, new IP, etc).

- Bjorn

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