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RE: [tools-pmc] PDT committers list


I've generally tried to ask people very nicely to send a note to the EMO to
give up their status.  I've had a few cases of unreachable people, but
generally people have been cooperative about sending a note as requested.
It's certainly less controversial.  Many of us value our status a great
deal and most definitely expect to take it with us where ever we may go.
Only extended inactivity or malicious actions should justify that status
being revoked...

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I agree with all you guys are saying but unfortunately these committers do
not feel "committed" to the project anymore. I wish they were.

Yossi Leon
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And I was about to make the exact same comment.
Committership as far as I know is granted to an individual, in agreement
with an eventual employer.
The simplest way to have a committer leave a project is resignation :-)
Now having committers that leave a company and continue to be committers is
imho a great thing, especially if you want to improve your diversity
rankings ;-)


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 Hear hear.

 John beat me to it?.

 I want to point out that the "Not working for Zend anymore" is not a
 reason to remove committer status. Commit status stays with the developer
 even if they change employment. You are allowed to remove commtters who
 become inactive which seems to be the case for all the committers so
 you're in good shape.

 Have you contacted any of the committers to see if they still want commit
 access ? In the past, when committers became inactive, they happily gave
 up their commit access and this makes the process much simpler.

 If any of the pending removed committers still think they should be
 committers then we should discuss those individually but for the rest if
 there is agreement then send an note to the EMO to remove. Please state
 whether or not the committer has agreed that they are not longer active
 and they are giving up commit status.

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