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[tm-dev] NullPointerException on launching Local Program ksh shell first session from Terminal View

Hi all,

I today upgraded my Terminal Management plugins with TM-repo-3.4.zip.

I am developing Eclipse plugins for our project requirement.

So, in my Eclipse workspace with TM installed, I launched another instance
of Eclipse.

In this instance, I opened a Terminal View from Show View.

I clicked to create a new connection. The settings dialog box opened. I
selected Local Program and clicked Ok.

It started the local ksh session but threw a Null Pointer Exception.

This NullPointerException is happing in
LocalTerminalConnector.setTerminalSize() where it is trying to call PTY pty
= process.getPty().
This method gets called even before process in initiazed in connect()

Because of which this line throws NullPointerException.

Is someone else also facing this issue. Can someone please help ? It is
blocking my release work.
I think it would have been good if there would have been a null pointer
check here i.e.

if (process != null)
		 PTY pty = process.getPTY();


Thanks & Regards,
Nayna Jain