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Re: [tinydtls-dev] Question about current status/support with Contiki


TL;DR: My Client  is working with TinyDTLS 0.8.2 (PSK) and Contiki 3.0 only.

Finally I got extra time for testing a little more my code.

For TinyDTLS 0.8.2 (A zip file from your sourceforge repository), my basic client and server examples are working with the cipher suite PSK and Contiki 3.0.   Removing my custom project-conf,h let Z1 motes to run the client and server  programs (though all my tests were with the exp5438 motes) but otherwise do not affect the code.

For TinyDTLS 0.8.6 the same client is still having the issue  that I reported in the last 2 posts/e-mails. However,  is possible to avoid it disabling the following line:

platform-specific/platform.h:#define DTLS_PEERS_NOHASH 1 

YET, this provokes that  when looping the node's tables with netq's functions, they got stuck in an infinite loop (by example the line 3447 in dtls.c )

I have tried with a fresh  copy of the Instant Contiki 3.0 V.M.,  and using the fork of 6lbr instead of my fork but  is the same results. So, frankly, I can't understand why I'm having those issues.

 I'll see if next week I can test with real motes.

2016-05-16 13:35 GMT+02:00 Raul Fuentes <ra.fuentess.sam+tinyDTLS@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Olaf and Laurent

With the Celtic 6lbr my code is still not working, however, having that fork as valid reference I think I  track better the issues. Maybe the problem is only with the  (default dtls) client [1].

I'll paste the relevant debug messages from the client (esp5438 mote):

00:04.086    ID:3     DEBUG: Client set connection to: fe80::200:0:0:2:20220
00:04.090    ID:3    dtls_new_peer: :20220
00:04.094    ID:3    DTLSv12: initialize HASH_SHA256
00:04.102    ID:3    send handshake packet of type: client_hello (1)
00:04.111    ID:3    SEND_TO_PEER: Session: ba1c:1c:a91::7425:21e:1200:fe80:0
00:06.109    ID:3    ** retransmit handshake packet of type: client_hello (1)
00:06.118    ID:3    SEND_TO_PEER: Session: ba1c:1c:a91::7425:21e:1200:fe80:0
00:07.116    ID:3    TRY_SEND: Session - fe80::200:0:0:2:20220 -
00:07.119    ID:3    cannot create new peer
00:10.124    ID:3    TRY_SEND: Session - fe80::200:0:0:2:20220 -
00:10.127    ID:3    cannot create new peer

The dtls_context  has the correct uip_udp_conn (the dtls_get_app(ctx) inside of  send_to_peer works fine). But are the session which are dying and because the peer are not being generated.

What I did with 6lbr, was:
1) Fork the repository to my  Instant Contiki 3.0 VM
2) Run 6lbr/Apps/tinydtls/
3) Copy/paste my example codes
4) upgrade my Makefile to have the same lines for TinyDTLs than the 6LBR-demo's makefile
5) Run cooja with the exp5438, and the cooja motes but those kill Cooja (and still generated the same issue).

Any suggestion ?

2016-05-13 10:26 GMT+02:00 Olaf Bergmann <bergmann@xxxxxxx>:

Raul Fuentes <ra.fuentess.sam+tinyDTLS@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> TL;DR: The current code (Tinydtls 0.8.6) is not compatible with
> Contiki 3.0.

Thanks for testing this. I will check with my motes asap.


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