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Re: [tinydtls-dev] Question about current status/support with Contiki

Hi Olaf and Laurent

With the Celtic 6lbr my code is still not working, however, having that fork as valid reference I think I  track better the issues. Maybe the problem is only with the  (default dtls) client [1].

I'll paste the relevant debug messages from the client (esp5438 mote):

00:04.086    ID:3     DEBUG: Client set connection to: fe80::200:0:0:2:20220
00:04.090    ID:3    dtls_new_peer: :20220
00:04.094    ID:3    DTLSv12: initialize HASH_SHA256
00:04.102    ID:3    send handshake packet of type: client_hello (1)
00:04.111    ID:3    SEND_TO_PEER: Session: ba1c:1c:a91::7425:21e:1200:fe80:0
00:06.109    ID:3    ** retransmit handshake packet of type: client_hello (1)
00:06.118    ID:3    SEND_TO_PEER: Session: ba1c:1c:a91::7425:21e:1200:fe80:0
00:07.116    ID:3    TRY_SEND: Session - fe80::200:0:0:2:20220 -
00:07.119    ID:3    cannot create new peer
00:10.124    ID:3    TRY_SEND: Session - fe80::200:0:0:2:20220 -
00:10.127    ID:3    cannot create new peer

The dtls_context  has the correct uip_udp_conn (the dtls_get_app(ctx) inside of  send_to_peer works fine). But are the session which are dying and because the peer are not being generated.

What I did with 6lbr, was:
1) Fork the repository to my  Instant Contiki 3.0 VM
2) Run 6lbr/Apps/tinydtls/
3) Copy/paste my example codes
4) upgrade my Makefile to have the same lines for TinyDTLs than the 6LBR-demo's makefile
5) Run cooja with the exp5438, and the cooja motes but those kill Cooja (and still generated the same issue).

Any suggestion ?

2016-05-13 10:26 GMT+02:00 Olaf Bergmann <bergmann@xxxxxxx>:

Raul Fuentes <ra.fuentess.sam+tinyDTLS@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> TL;DR: The current code (Tinydtls 0.8.6) is not compatible with
> Contiki 3.0.

Thanks for testing this. I will check with my motes asap.


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