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[tinydtls-dev] Question about current status/support with Contiki


I have been working with TinyDTLS 0.8.2 since last year, mostly  trying to updating the work from Lithe  (CoAP Secure using Contiki 2.6 and tinyDTLS 03.0) to the current versions.  My work is currently here:

However,  I was wondering, after testing the current code in the Eclipse's portal, seems that the support to Contiki is lesser than before.  And, the  session_t from the client is suffering an overwritting, changing the port and address value  before the transmit (probably bigendian to litttleendian or a wrong casting), plus a problem when trying to assign memory for generating a  context after finding a new peer  (though that probably is the fact the mote don't have enough space).

So, basically I want to confirm  if the support to Contiki had been tested with the new code or if will be slowly removed, like  already happened with contiki's examples.  And if the  current version in Eclipse will be still being "0.8.2" or the number will be updated in a near future.

P.d. Maybe is a good idea to put git tag  to the olderst versions of TinyDTLS

Sincerely, Raul Fuentes

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