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Re: [technology-pmc] Newsreader

Wim Jongman wrote:
Dear Technology PMC,

I have created an Eclipse based newsreader and I would like that to be
part of Eclipse. Do you think a newsreader would fit in the Technology

I was first directed to the Tools project but Tools thought it should
either be Technolgy or EFC.

Here is a link to a small movie and a screenshot of the software.

The discussion on the Tools list can be found here:

Cool! It looks to be a somewhat complete NNTP client, but does it
include message composition or is it only reading/browsing? How about
searching? In other words, what parts are complete and what parts still
need to be implemented?

My idea for a broader project are centered around the questions of "how
can we better engage the user community?" I know at least Wayne and I
have been thinking about that for a while, and I think that there are
several related things that we could provide in the Eclipse workbench
that would reach out to the users and pull them in as contributors. In
no particular order, my ideas so far are:
* Newsgroup client
* IRC client (I think ECF already has this?)
* More obvious "Enter a bug or feature request" (Mylyn contributes a
menu option currently, but I don't think many people know about it and I
don't know how simple it is to use)
* Embedded browsing of the Resources content from
* Embedded search of

I think that the newsgroup client is, by far, the best of these ideas,
and I'm thrilled that there is Wim's project to use as a starting point.
But I also am pretty confident that unless it is shipped in the base
platform (or at least the EPP packages), it won't get wnough traction
and visibility to reach all of those users who don't participate now.

What do the other PMC members think about this broader vision for a
"community involvement" tech project? Any ideas for other things that
would fit into such a project? Does the idea have legs, or would we
better off running with just the news client?

Wim, is the source for your newsreader available somewhere?


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