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Re: [technology-pmc] Newsreader

Hi Eric, Scott et al

> Cool! It looks to be a somewhat complete NNTP client, but does it
> include message composition or is it only reading/browsing? How about
> searching? In other words, what parts are complete and what parts still
> need to be implemented?

It is only basic. I can read, reply and tomorrow I can post a new
messages. I/we still have to implement searching, giving kudos,
posting a bug from a reply, zero effort user access, following your
own replies, following interesting persons, etc. etc.

The ground work is done and now I/we can focus on the FUN stuff.

> My idea for a broader project are centered around the questions of "how
> can we better engage the user community?" I know at least Wayne and I
> have been thinking about that for a while

Great to hear that. For a while already I cannot sleep at night
because exactly this is on my mind. I am really happy to meet you and
work with you and Wayne and others on this stuff. See my recent blog
on planet Eclipse titled "Community is a superclass of Economy.

> I think that the newsgroup client is, by far, the best of these ideas,
> and I'm thrilled that there is Wim's project to use as a starting point.

Thank you for giving me energy!

> But I also am pretty confident that unless it is shipped in the base
> platform (or at least the EPP packages), it won't get wnough traction
> and visibility to reach all of those users who don't participate now.

+1 although I am not so naive to realize that this could take a while
to happen. Like Mik explained when I and Maarten Meijer offered him
code to go into Mylyn: "who is going to take care of the quality and
ongoing maintenance of the code?..."

> Wim, is the source for your newsreader available somewhere?

No source yet, but the client is available together with a rant and
instructions on the eclipse wiki.

Follow me on twitter for the latest updates on the newsreader:


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