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[technology-pmc] [CQ 3308] OFMP server

--- Comment #7 from Aleksey Aristov <aristov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  2009-05-15 04:55:42 ---

> Did you intend to include all the *.sql files? I assume so. 
Yes. They are required, unless we will not to migrate to a ORM solution that
will support autogeneration of DB metadata. We have plans to go for the Eclipse

> are generated from Oracle; is there Oracle-specific code in there? Have you
They are generated for Oracle. .sql files are Oracle specific. Work has to be
done to remove dependency from Oracle. But, on other hand it's hard for me to
imagine a bank that will use MySQL or JavaDB for it's middle office.

> copyright headers. Can you add them?
Frederic: can you?

> I noticed at least one hardcoded path in the drop_create_users.sql file. Is
> that intentional?
I think that we can simply skip all scripts under /misc and /upgrade. Fred:
what do you think?

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