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[technology-pmc] Re: [spaces-dev] Project status?

Technology PMC: FYI.

Thanks Henrik,


Henrik Lindberg wrote:
Hi Wayne,
The spaces project is on hold for the following reasons:
- Xdrive service from AOL is defunct
- Publishing of update sites is no longer interesting - the need is to publish p2 sites - p2 and PDE are undergoing lots of change in the 3.5 timeframe - it has not been meaningful to work on spaces at the same time.

The vision of the spaces project is that it should be very simply to publish from the IDE. This is still valid.

In a way, there is lots of activity in spaces :) , as it is built on buckminster, and buckminster builds on p2 and PDE. Once 3.5 is out the door, there is going to be a planning session for p2 and PDE, as well as buckminster - the outcome of those will tell if it is meaningful to keep the spaces project, or if it gets moved into something else.

The recent commits were just housekeeping - enforcing a code layout standard.

There is some pretty neat stuff in spaces:
- ui for publishing an update site (built from source) to a space (i.e. a remote location)
- a mechanism to address such a remote location
- a publishing layer on top of Eclipse File System
- an EFS implementation  for Xdrive
- a Json implementation used by the Xdrive client

Once revived, we hope to interest new/other storage providers (forges) to create back ends for their services (I can think of source forge, google, amazon for instance, as well as some other).

I hope that satisfies your curiosity :)

Henrik Lindberg

On May 14, 2009, at 9:18 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:

What is the status of this project? I see that there has been some relatively recent commits, but I see no recent activity on the newsgroup or mailing list. Just curious.


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