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Re: [technology-pmc] Requirements for publishing non-release builds

Wayne Beaton wrote:
Agreed. It's a pain.

However, Eclipse projects need provide IP that downstream consumers can use in their own products. In the case of Subversive, their JavaHL bindings are GPL-licensed; we cannot distribute that due to inconsistencies between the GPL and EPL (along with inconsistencies between the GPL and the commercial interests of many of our downstream consumers).

This is a different case. I believe that what we have here is a point-in-time problem.
Absolutely, I pointed Subversive out as an example of projects that have to live with external binaries.
I don't believe that the Maven Embedder technology qualifies for as an "exempt pre-requisite" and our current IP policy does not provide for the review of pre-release IP.

I'm working Janet and Mike to try and come up with a solution for this.
That would be really nice and will also help M2E project. We didn't rush moving code to, because it been known that required dependencies can't be approved, so we still keep development and bug fixes at the old version control and distributing project builds from the old location.


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