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Re: [technology-pmc] Requirements for publishing non-release builds

Agreed. It's a pain.

However, Eclipse projects need provide IP that downstream consumers can use in their own products. In the case of Subversive, their JavaHL bindings are GPL-licensed; we cannot distribute that due to inconsistencies between the GPL and EPL (along with inconsistencies between the GPL and the commercial interests of many of our downstream consumers).

This is a different case. I believe that what we have here is a point-in-time problem.

I don't believe that the Maven Embedder technology qualifies for as an "exempt pre-requisite" and our current IP policy does not provide for the review of pre-release IP.

I'm working Janet and Mike to try and come up with a solution for this.


Eugene Kuleshov wrote:

From the past experience with other Technology projects, e.g. Subversive, your update site can't have links to sites outside of You can see Subversive project download page as an example how it supposed to be done. Quite a pain for the end users in my opinion.


Abel Muiño Vizcaino wrote:
What are the requirements for external pre-reqs? Can we publish snapshots without fully defining them?

The rationale here is that we would like to require an older Maven Embedder bundle (hosted outside eclipse, of course) which has not been officially declared as a pre-req because it is expected to be replaced by a newer version when the embedder is more stable (and we don't want to overload the ip-team). Additionally, this will allow us to experiment with different packagings and embedder versions in the future.

If an official pre-req is required, how shall we proceed?

El 16/12/2008, a las 18:38, Wayne Beaton escribió:

An incubating project can provide downloads of code that has been (a) approved or (b) approved for parallel IP by the IP DD team.

Code that has not been at least approved for parallel IP cannot be distributed from any Eclipse server.

For completeness, the rules for downloads are captured here:

Does this help?


Eugene Kuleshov wrote:

Can you please clarify this for me. In my understanding, incubating projects are not supposed to distribute any binaries that contain code that haven't been approved for the parallel IP?


Wayne Beaton wrote:
As long as you follow the rules for incubating projects, you should be okay.


Abel Muiño Vizcaino wrote:

At IAM we would like to start producing Snapshot and Milestone builds. Since there are several IP issues still being worked out, I would like to confirm that this is ok.

Is there any requirement for this builds? Do they need to have an special qualifier (other than those required by being in the eclipse incubator)?

Thanks for the advice,
Abel Muiño

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