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Re: [sumo-user] Rerouting by lane

You currently cannot trigger rerouting on specific lanes (though I agree that this would be useful:
As a workaround you could use rerouter attribute 'timeThreshold' to trigger rerouting for vehicles that are stuck for too long (at least if the problematic blocked lane is not ambiguous).
An example for this is at
Note, that due to a bug/regression in version 1.14.0  you either have to run this with the latest development version ( downloaded no earlier than tomorrow
or with version 1.13.0


Am Di., 23. Aug. 2022 um 13:33 Uhr schrieb David Oswald <roswa001@xxxxxxx>:


Is it possible to reroute by lane? For example, if in edge 1, there are two left turn lanes and two through lanes, and a vehicle that is supposed to turn left gets stuck in the far through lane. Currently the vehicle waits until it is transported, but is there a way to have a rerouter in that lane that will change the vehicle’s route to go straight rather sit there? So far, when I try to add a rerouter it is for the entire edge and from what I understand you choose a destination edge. Am I going about this all wrong?







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