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[sumo-user] lane change

  • I need to change lane at a location using gps coordinates I specify .But by just using “traci.vehicle.lanechange”  I’m not able to change lane .
  • I have two vehicles on two adjacent vehicle has 20km/hr max speed on lane 0 and other 30km/hr speed on lane1.  I want to change 20km/hr vehicle in to lane having 30km/hr car. But even if I don’t use  “traci.vehicle.lanechange”   sumo is changing lane. How to avoid this
  • How to change lane using traci api instead of vtype parameters like lcStrategic  lcSpeedGain lcKeepRight lcCooperative
  • I don’t want lane change done by sumo but I should have control using Traci script.How to achieve?

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