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[sumo-user] Set yielding rules at junctions

Hi all,

I am modeling freeway traffic in SUMO and have a question about how to set conflicting connections. 

Attached is my junction where the leftmost is HOV lanes and two HOV lanes merge into one HOV lane. In the default setting, the right HOV lane is the minor lane while the left one is the major lane. It makes vehicles in the right HOV lane yield, but I want the right lane to have higher priority and vehicles in the left HOV lane to yield. It seems that SUMO only sets edge-based priority. Can I set lane-based priority to achieve what I desire? 

By the way, one solution I came up with is to switch connection states, "m" and "M", in net.xml, but it is cumbersome and even it shows unchanged states in netedit after I have modified the states in the xml file (a possible bug?).


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